2nd Transnational Meeting in Turkey

2nd Transnational Meeting, in Kırıkkale Province of Turkey

2nd Transnational Meeting Hugs Not Drugs, Erasmus + Strategic Partnership with Turkey(Coordinator), Latvia, Italy and Portugal Counties Project’s 2nd Coordination meeting was held in Kırıkkale Provience of Turkey . Since in the first meeting the staff to on duty for this project found the opportunity to know each other in this meeting, the meeting was more enjoyable and made the participants well-experience by exhanging the good practice in this field among students.

For the 1st day Remarks:

  • evaluation of the progress of the  activities in implementation of 1. Supply Reduction. Scanning activities, implementing preventive measures.
  • setting up “Family Support Line”

For the 2nd day Remarks:

  • Discussing Move it and Learn:
  • Creating social support mechanisms
  • Evaluation of Questionnaires
  • Next steps

During the meeting, the partners visited one of the pilot school as well. One of pilot schools (Ozbek Saran Secondary School) in Turkey organized a theatre play and the students performed a  play with 5 stages about bad addiction for this project at the stage of schools in English language.  Players consisting of 6-7 grades  – Thema was  to create awareness against harmful habits. Giving messages to pupils  They will go on tour and perfom the play in the different schools both in English and Turkish. The coordinators of partners gave the certificates of success to students performing the play. As a cultural activity, the partners visited Ankara Anıtkabir and Hamamönü cultural place.