1st Transnational Meeting in Portugal

1st Transnational Meeting Hugs Not Drugs, Erasmus + Strategic Partnership with Turkey(Coordinator), Latvia, Italy and Portugal Counties Project’s first kick off meeting was held in Santa Maria da Feira Provience of Portugal . The Meeting was so productive and the staff to work in the project met and found the opportunity to know each other in this meeting.

For the 1st day Remarks:
– Introduction of the participants and education systems, countries and cities;
– Introduction to the project Hugs Not Drugs;
– Introduction to the project logo designed and website;
– Summarizing some of the practical issues of the Erasmus+ application;
– Monitoring and evaluation report for the project;
– Hugs Not Drugs field procedures, coordination, tasks and time frame.

For the 2nd day Remarks:
– Hugs Not Drugs preparatory questionnaire – an introduction and next practical steps;
– Practical issues – timelines and next steps – contribution of the partners in the project from start to end;
– Who does what, when and where?

During the meeting, the partners visited one of the pilot school, considered to be the biggest one in Santa Maria da Feira, and the coordinators and other staffs were welcomed well and a music reception were given by students.