According to data from World Health Organization (WHO), 600.000 people die as a result of health problems or injuries related to the addictive substances such as alcohol , drugs etc. Another research by (EMCDDA) indicates the fact that %20 of European citizens try marijuana at least once in their lives. The danger is pointed by the report: addictive narcotic medicines which are sold without prescription may take place of drugs.  Dailiy 11.000 of smokers, yearly 4 million smokers lose their lives caused by cigarette. The danger of addictive materials, which is reflected in a projection above, occurs proximately in participating regions. Considering the %80 of starting age to smoking, which is 9,5-22, protection of young people from this danger is an administrative problem of governments. Alson; rate of population in the nomadic citizens and refugees is highly increasing in recent years. This situation comes with some of significant problems related to the proliferation of broken families with children, family violence and the rising lack of communication.

Hugs not Drugs Project aims protection of young people from bad habits, by means of creating awareness through establishing partnerships between related institutions around pupil – school – family – social background – NGO – related governmental institutions circle at the 3 critical steps; 1. Supply Reduction 2. Demand Reduction 3. Treatment and Rehabilitation. The project offers series of activities based on establishing partnerships among international institutions from Turkey, Italy, Portugal and Latvia, researching for solutions via questionnaires and educations, raising awareness via seminar, conference, panel, dissemination project outcomes via brochure, poster, visual materials and mass media tools. The project will be carry out transnationally by creating a local program about struggling the addictive substances and in Turkey we have 3rd National Action Plans against drugs in 2015-2020 years and a collaborative program’ll be formed in this struggle for addictive substances. We have 6 transnational meetings during 2 years. As an international activity for awareness ; attending in the 39th  International Istanbul Eurasi Marathon with all partners.

We will promote the young people to hug each other and their families than not addict drugs and cigarettes by the help of this project.