30 May 2017


Drug abuse is a key public health and social concern throughout the EU and beyond. Most forms of drug use are levelling off, but 6 500–8 500 drug-related deaths still occur every year. Illicit drug use and trafficking are worldwide phenomena that threaten health and social stability. Statistics show that around one in three young Europeans has tried an illicit drug and at least one of our citizens dies every hour from a drug overdose. Today, other subjects and priorities hit the headlines and dominate the political agenda for example terrorism or migration or infectious diseases such as Ebola.Yet the drugs business is still one of the most profitable commercial activities  and a core business for organised crime groups across Europe, and worldwide. And it is still a threat to the well-being of European  citiz citizens expressing this in opinion polls by rating drugs among their top concerns.


According to a report prepared by Kırıkkale Provincial Probation Offices, our country is on the route between production and consumption regions of addictive substances.  In this respect, Kırıkkale province is close to Ankara province where some illegal trade of narcotic substances is done. In addition, Kırıkkale has the 2 main roads linking the Western part to eastearn and southern and also  northern part of Turkey, which means it is a transit route for drug traffickers.  Especially bonsai comsumption has dramatically been increasing in Turkey and the children are able to die due to the lack of information about it’s danger. Drug dealers may obtain narcotic substances from these transit routes, and sell them to addicted people in our province even though there are a lot of precautions immensely done by the law-enforcement officers. These children and youth addicted to drugs can also drop out easily. Rate of population in the nomadic citizens and refugees is highly increasing in recent years. This situation comes with some of significant problems related to the proliferation of broken families with children, family violence and the rising lack of communication.


Another research state that there are 17.000.000 addicted smokers in Turkey. The rate of wriggling out of this addiction is %10, starting age of smoking is 9,5, and the number of people who suffer from cancer is over 100.000.  Cigarette is the basic preventable cause of cancer. WHO report state that 400.000 people die resulting cancer caused by smoking.  Even if 5 trillion cigarettes, tons of cigars, chewing tobacco, smoking pipe are exterminated, millions of people in EU and in Turkey will die resulting illnesses caused by smoking in the next decades.


The danger of addictive materials, which is reflected in a projection above, occurs proximately in participating regions. Considering the %80 of starting age to smoking, which is 9,5-22, protection of young people from this danger is an administrative problem of governments. This project aims protection of young people from bad habits, by means of creating awareness through establishing partnerships between related institutions around pupil–school–family–social background–NGO –related governmental institutions circle. The project offers series of activities based on establishing partnerships among international institutions, researching for solutions via questionnaires and educations, raising awareness via seminar, conference, panel, dissemination project outcomes via brochure, poster, visual materials and mass media tools. The project will be carry out transnationally since our international partners, Municipality of Santa Maria de Feira have a local program about struggling the addictive substances and in Turkey we have 3rd National Action Plans against drugs in 2015-2020 years and a collaborative program’ll be formed in this struggle for addictive substances.


Avoiding bad habits at young people by means of creating awareness through establishing partnerships between related institutions around pupil – school –family – social background-NGO circle.

Specific Objectives:

  1. Creating cooperation between regional and international institutions.
  2. Obtaining and analyzing existing research and questionnaire results from related institutions about specific project field.
  3. Researching and analyzing the reasons of starting bad habits at young people.
  4. Researching required precautions in order to avoid young people from bad habits
  5. Creating awareness by disseminating research and analysis results through seminar, conference, panel, local media news.
  6. Preparing brochures, posters, CDs and distributing to schools in order to provide them academic materials.
  7. Researching good practices and transferring them to local implementations.
  8. Taking part in the 39. Eurasia International Marathon with partners.
  9. Setting up a system about Smoking, Drug, Bonsai Cessation Hotline for our pupils and young people in our city.
  10. Promoting the sport to young people.